The Dungeon Pass:

There is only 1 way to get pass for the dungeon, you have to buy them with the NPC at the entrance of the dungeon.
His name is Tang Mu Wen, The Grave Robber. He sell 4 Kind of pass :

Image Purple pass which cost 30 000 gold, level recommended 50~100, 10 Steps.

Image Green Pass which cost 300 000 gold, level recommended 90~140, 15 Steps.

Image Red pass which cost 1 000 000 gold, level recommended 130~200, 20 Steps

Image Black Pass which cost 2 000 000 gold, level recommended 160~230, 25 Steps

The colour pass change the level of mobs but also the number of step in the dungeon. Ofc the more you have step the more you will have reward in a dungeon.
The drop also change and depends on the colour of the dungeon, see the part Dungeon Rewards of this guide to find the drop list.

The Dungeon:

The dungeon is made of 1 room where everything spawn.

The mobs and the pillars :

There are different kind of mobs, they are randomly selected for each run. There are also different kind of pillar.

The pillars are more powerful than the same one from other dungeon.

There are also boss.


Each of these mobs/boss are known mobs you have already seen somewhere in the Land. They just have higher level.
Note that on the mobs screen you can see mobs with a special green effect. These are special mobs with poison or bleed effect :


You don't need to kill them to reach the next step level but they give some nice rewards and are like boss at the end.

This dungeon is only a room with mobs/ boss spawn, the only limit is the time you have to kill the wave.
Once the wave is done, mobs remaining and pillar disappear, if you have kill all important mobs you reach the next level and a new time appear of some sec to wait the next wave.