King Jin Dungeon

To enter in this dungeon as all the other dungeon you need pass. You can find those pass in Bai Tribe Village. The Chief of the Village sell them for 250000 gold each color :ImageImageImage

You need 3 pass to enter in the dungeon.
The color of the dungeon will change the difficulty, it increase the number or lvl of mobs and boss.


Once you enter in the dungeon it's really easy. You just have to destroy some stone that are in the cave. The number of stone will depend of the color of the dungeon (To destroy all stones is very important to reduce huge bleeding effect. Few stones are in first room, others are on the way in tunel.)

You can find 2 kind of mobs in this dungeon :

Demonic Gold Leaf monkey (With Grey shield) : They have bleed and para skills.
Demonic Gold Leaf monkey (With Red shield) : They have Stun, Slowness and Silence skills.
Some other mobs will appear during the run, if you kill them they come back, they use a kind of aoe attack and are higher than the other one, so they can be dangerous. You can easily find them as they have the tag Summoned on their names. If you do not attack them they won't disturbe you.
The amount of the mobs will depend of the difficulty of the run (As the mobs have a lot of stun/para skills, it is better to fight with them one by one by luring them if you can. You will finish it faster).

The number of mobs will depend of the color of the run. The level of the mobs depend of the run's color :
Purple : Projected Soul 9-10
Green : Disolved Body 7-8
Red : Immortal 6-7

Before you start this dungeon, you will need to have Hp trinket, Hp leach hat and etc, it will be easier with them, also you will need to have hp pills and heals if possible.

At boss room i recommend you to lure boss to blind spot, where you wont receive his bleeding skill.

The enter of dungeon.

Example of stones:

Here is example of boss and spot, where you need to lure boss. You need to go at that corner, as deep as you can, so mobs wont hit you. Boss will reach you but wont give you bleeding.