Dungeon Passes:

This dungeon is a little special compare to the previous one we all have done.
You need 2 kind of key to complete that dungeon :

- The pass that allow you to enter in the dungeon : (You need 3 of them)




You can get those key only from the boss that spawn at a certain moement of the day. A notice will appear when they spawn. Those usually spawn near the village entrance with some mobs bodyguard which also drop key.

Here the message that will appear :


There is a limited time for those Boss, a meassge will appear to inform you how many minutes it left before those desappear.

- The Keys those allow you to open the boxs from the loot room. You can only get them with collection on the collection man from each village for some Shard of Gold. There is about 30 of each kind of box, so you need a lot of key :D

The collection Npc :


Keys :

Trade for 10 Shard of Gold.

Trade for 7 Shard of Gold.

Trade for 5 Shard of Gold.


You are not able to see the map on the screen so here the map of the dungeon :

1. You start the dungeon in a little safe corridor. Ofc there is a poison in the room as all dungeon

So you have to go in the first room : You will find there 2 kind of mobs : Head of Golden 2nd Faction and Golden Castle Head Gladiator Black Sky. Those 2 kind of mobs are normal one and at a lower lvl than the boss so you have no worry to do

2.Once you have killed some mobs in that first room the mist will disappear :

You are now able to enter in the boss rooms. 2 rooms are open and you can start by the one you want. For a purple run those boss are Immortal 6 lvl.

2.1. The Golden Shell Room (left of map) :

You can find some Golden Shell which are same than mobs. They have a normal def and you can do them normal damage and kill the fast. You don't need to kill them don't wast your time.
The one that you have to kill in that room it's the boss Golden Castle Golden Shell. (Drop abandoned relic, Blood essence, some gold, hermit weapon and Shard of gold),

It's a very dangerous boss. He can use huge aoe skill that will remove around 10k of life. So be ready to use some KG because without those you can't finish the dungeon.
He use the skill silence and decrease dexterity by 18. He has a bleed skill and he will remove the buff you have sometimes (Heal included).

2.2. Once you have killed Golden Shell, you can go back in the first room and then enter in a second room, the Laughing Face Room (right of map).
In this room are Laughing Face mobs that have a normal def and can be killed easy. there is once boss Golden Castle Laughing Face. (Drop abandoned relic, Blood essence, some gold, hermit weapon and Shard of gold),
(Like the previous boss he use a powerful aoe skill and remove every buff. He has also the dexterity -18 and bleed skill.)

3. Once you have killed those 2 boss you are able to enter in a new room. In this one you will find another Immortal 6 boss, Golden Castle Genji (for purple run) and some mobs Vigorous Daikatana and Superior Twin Katana that are lower lvl and you don't have to kill them.

4. Once you have killed Genji (Drop abandoned relic, Blood essence, some gold, hermit weapon and Shard of gold), The time is reset to 20 minutes and the doors in the rooms are opened. You have to take those door and enter in a little corridor.
Then use other doors.

5. In the new room after the little corridor, you will find A Golden Touch and Seo Moondo as the previous boss they have big aoe skill and are very dangerous . There will be some mini boss there too. Those mobs are IM6 lvl, they have a low amount of life and a low def so it's really easy to kill them.
The mobs drop a nice amount of gold, Shard of Gold and some Abandoned Relic.

The room here is big so you are able to lure the boss in a corner and have a safe place at the other spot. kill the mobs it will be safer.
The boss are really powerful there, you need a safe place for some med or you need a lot of KG .The boss are easier to kill than previous one, you can deal higher damage.

Seo Moondo :
Level : Immortal 12
Skills : Range Stun, dodge decreased by 8%, Damage and Chi kung damage decreased by 15%, speed decreased and bleed.
Drop : abandoned relic, Blood essence, some gold, hermit weapon and Shard of gold.

Golden Touch :
Level : Heaven's Gate 12
Skills : Confusion, bleed, decrease speed.
Drop : abandoned relic, Blood essence, some gold, hermit weapon and Shard of gold.

6. Once the boss is dead you can now enter in the box room. There you will find 3 kind of box for each of those box you need special key as I said previously so don't forget to create those key !!!

You can now exit the dungeon.

Rewards :
The drops from the boxes are :

- PS H Weapons.
- Piece of Steel
- Golden Thread High
- Flowstone High
- Shard of Gold
- Gold
- Marcury Jade